An amnesiac wizard out of time


1st-level Wizard
CN, Unknown deity
Half-elf female, born 1338 DR

Golden-red hair tied in two braids and secured with a stout leather headband. Piercing green eyes. Blue woad face paint, in the manner of the wood elves. Wearing light chain and leather breastplate and long blue breechcloth; sturdy calf-length boots that have seen much traveling. A finely-forged sword of human make.


Call me “Red”, for I cannot remember my true identity. My backpack holds the trappings of a master of the arcane arts, and indeed among the few things I can remember is how to tap the Weave and bend it to my will.

Yet I am also accoutered as if a warrior’s life was mine before. Armor and sword, and the tattoo of a mighty lion on my left arm. Many scars crisscross my limbs, and my skin is bronzed from countless days under the sun. These are aspects less well-remembered. The armor sits heavily on my shoulders, though I am quickly remembering my proficiency with this sword…

Yes, I possess elvish heritage, that much is clear. Perhaps I can find relatives among the Tel’Quessir who may help me recall my true identity, and why I seem to tread the path of both wizard and warrior.

First, I need to figure out where and when I am. Tell me, are the Zhentarim still causing trouble in these parts?


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